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China Sourcing Express, transforming a distant world of engineering and manufacturing into partnerships for growth and development. Our network of companies will keep your quality up and your component, part or assembly expenses down.

China Sourcing Express was established to facilitate businesses in their quest to invigorate production, sales, revenue and market position. CSE will train and educate their core people in the Chinese culture. Corporate investments are not lost to missteps and misunderstandings. In China you are a friend first. It is imperative that the foundation you develop is solid from the onset.

China Sourcing Express is committed to the development of viable, profitable China-Michigan partnerships for those companies dedicated to the venture. We are focused on serving companies who will benefit from having a hands-on consulting partner/coach for development into China. China Sourcing Express can make the transition into China attainable.

China Sourcing Express has complete process capabilities from design to market-ready product. We are knowledgeable about current technology and manufacturing methods and our interpreters and customer representatives know the language of American manufacturing. Working with China Sourcing Express you will find yourself in relationship with an experienced, dedicated team. They will partner you with the best of a growing number of overseas manufacturing resources eager to work with companies in America. Our outsourcing partners will meet or exceed your quality, production and pricing goals.

• Plastics
• Powdered Metal
• Machined Parts
• Aluminum Castings
• Stampings
• Assemblies
• Engineering
• Packaging
• Design
• Marketing

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