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Understanding Outsourcing
Our knowledge of both American and Chinese manufacturing techniques gives us an edge over typical import and holding companies that simply count the dollars that go back and forth between overseas suppliers and American companies. We carefully select, interview, audit and conduct on-site visits. We travel with you for on-site visits and the establishment of working relationships.

We work one-on-one with our customers to provide as many services as are required including engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, assembly, quality control and on-time delivery.

Thriving in an Ancient and Evolving Culture
China Sourcing Express has established cross-culture training to keep you and your core team focused, functional and fixed on your objective in the face of an ancient and evolving cultural force. In China you are a friend first and it is imperative that the foundation you develop is solid from the onset. We will provide a solid foundation so your corporate investments are not lost to missteps and misunderstanding.

Translation Services
We can translate documents for you, from Chinese to English or English to Chinese.

What can China Sourcing Express do for your business?
• Review and analyze your sourcing needs
• Seek competitive bids from suppliers
• Communicate your specification and design objectives
• Select reputable manufacturing partners
• Provide local liaison to your manufacturer
• Ensure effective quality control
• Coordinate air freight / shipping requirements
• Seek competitive bids from suppliers
• Assist with customs, insurance, tariffs, legal and
   accounting issues, and government relations
• Analyze and evaluate your proposed projects to
   insure practical and sustainable business relationships.

What can China Sourcing Express do for you and your core team?
• Train you and your staff in the Chinese culture,
   a vital part of success with Chinese partners
• Educate you in the cross-culture protocol that
   can make or break relationships.

China Sourcing Express was established to make the process of doing business with China affordable, productive, successful and as personal as working with your own winning team.

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